Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hello, Autumn!

The last few days I've been noticing tiny hints of seasonal change in the air. Autumn may not be due for another month but the shift away from summer is upon us. And it couldn't be better timed!

I am not particularly attached to grass and well, honestly, tend to neglect it. My landlord on the other hand feels a green lawn is important. Due to temperatures well over 100, pending draught, and high utility costs, my lawn more closely resembles the color yellow than green. We have watered some part of it everyday, but mostly to benefit the chickens and not enough to breed mosquitos. I bet the grass couldn't be more thankful for this back-to-school storm.

Going into Summer as a new chicken farmer had me more than slightly nervous. Especially with this first summer being in texas! Fortunately, the chickens have made it through the horrid heat with secret tips known only to veteran chicken fanciers. I am thankful to have entered into this realm, armed with blogs, books and google searches full of the helpful hints of seasoned farmers. I will carry on egg collecting armed with this new knowledge and confidence. Oh the unending uses of vinegar, molasses, and baking soda!

The seasonal shift also brings a personal shift, one I've come to recognize and add to my personal Nature versus Nuture debate: I begin to grab at knowledge. I start acquiring reading lists, project ideas, #2 pencils, and creative inspiration. This dip in temperature is like all the ones in years previous: time to harvest the remaining summer experiences and prepare for the future. At the moment, we've hit the pool pretty often, started plans for a fall/winter garden, did repairs to the backyard before knowing a storm was coming, and gathered new cookbooks from the library.

What inspiration is the seasonal shift sending your way? What have you learned from the season left behind?

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