Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today we are building a fence. In truth we are repurposing a fence. The landlord had a new, taller, privacy fence put up along the alley and left the old fence stacked in sections behind the shed. He said we could use it for whatever we wanted, so fenced in raise beds here we come!
We are taking the 5 sections and cutting them in half making our garden fence about 3 feet tall. Hopefully that's tall enough to keep the chickens and dog out. The trickiest part will be the gate. So far we've had enough spare parts laying around the house that, with some trimming, we've been able to dig post holes, set posts, add extra cross pieces, bracket old ones together and erect the old fence, mostly intact, around 2 predetermined garden plots.
Another gift we found were two unopened bags of mulch. So all we need are nails, hinges, topsoil and starter plants! Not bad for moving during springtime!
(I really hope we are this fortunate with our next move. I hope it happens during early winter, when it decides to happen.)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Old Soul

Sometimes I sit with my little girl and see the old soul in her giving me a glimpse of Emagene in 10-12 years. Tonight, for instance, as she sat in one my tanks fashionably tied back with hair elastics, hurriedly eating tomato soup and kale chips after a day of being outside (chalking, chicken chasing, playground experimenting and hot tubbing) it was easy to see her as a young teen just in from practice or work, starving but needing to get to something else soon. In this case it was mop the kitchen and dining room. The future will probably hold more boyfriends and homework and less voluntary housework. And I'm okay with that because on those nights I'll remember tonight and her thoughtfully whipping each slop off the table and completely ignoring her soaking shirt only to pass out in my arms a half hour later.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just an idea of Normal around here:
Got up and ate granola, bananas, tea and milk. Threw laundry in the washer. Fed the chickens and opened their run. Fed the dog. Got the child dressed with promises of playgrounds and ice cream sandwiches (momma needed to get coffee on our walk today). Debated whether to take the wagon or the stroller because backpack with ice cream is not advised. Ended up Pushing the stroller while small one held the leash for smaller one. Played at school playground near our house. Got coffee and ice cream for walk home. Searched for chicks. All accounted for, hiding in new 'tree fort'. Erected a shade canopy over chicken run involving a sarong, some clothespins and the hedge. Dad came home for lunch with strange news. When he left we took out recycling. Chatted with neighbors; youngest daughter now wants a pet chicken. Caught one and brought it to her to pet. Unfortunately for her dad, solidified her interest in keeping chickens. Made mini pizza. Ate popcorn. watched monsters. Went swimming. Watched chickens catch bugs in our 'swamp.' Changed laundry. Texted dad a grocery list. Painted. Invented games involving puff balls and stickers. Put away groceries. Made dinner while the other cleaned up from more swimming. Ate. Fed chickens and locked them up for the night. Cleaned kitchen with the mister while munchkin got distracted searching under sink for bubbles. After cleaning up dishwasher detergent realized naked toddler was splashing and soaping up with bubble solution in middle of kitchen floor. Blew bubbles. Bathed child. Put away puff balls, laundry. Got sticker bombed. Realized i have a slight sunburn. Snuggled munchkin to sleep as she asked for Seals and Crofts Summer Breezes to be turned up. Ate ice cream. Played scrabble.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It can be difficult to find breathing, let alone thinking, time when changing cities. Often an observation will spring to mind in the middle of an activity and I'll try to stay with it as long as possible; hoping to savor the perspective or awareness that either stimulated or appeared after the thought. These are the moments I usually want to write profound journal entries about but end up with lists of shorthand bullet points quickly jotted down in effort to stir the memory back into the forefront my conscious mind. The following started as this list. I'm trying to fill in the holes so you, who were not apart of this transition, can makes some sense out of my madness.

•The list keeps growing instead of minimizing with every box I pack
• left tulsa 1025 Friday night, drove 5 hours through nasty thunderstorm, only stopping once to potty and gas up.
•Dog acclimating to bulls next door: by Wednesday, she only barks a good morning warning
•E excited about Her Room, so excited she became fully awake upon our 330a arrival and ran around the house shouting 'Ya!' and repeating the names of all rooms
•Chickens under deck, i have feeling of critter safety
•Cleaning is exhausting!
•Annoyed that we make a place sparkle when we leave and move into shitholes.
•Dropped stuff under deck still thinks she can have my phone!
•in 2 days she has broken a jar, her new mug twice, dropped a necklace under the deck, fallen and tripped on everything and spent a lot of time sitting on the kitchen table.
• lots of ideas for our garden!! Love moving into a place with a pile of scrap lumber that we have full access too!

Monday, April 2, 2012

This moment

Thought I'd try something new this morning with my coffee and chicken time. I follow a blog that regularly posts something along these lines, but being me I'm experimenting with structure :)

This moment:

Artemis snuggling
Artemis barking out a warning
Baxter answering
Blackbirds scattering
Coffee brewing
Chickens grazing
Dandelions puffing
Edger working
Emagene dreaming
Feathers ruffling
Grubs escaping
horns honking
Ice melting
Jaybird singing
Knowledge building
Leaves tussled
Momma sitting peacefully
New day beginning
Optimism growing
Party planning
Quietness is noisy
Reading neglected
Sparrows nesting
Time ignored