Thursday, April 19, 2012


It can be difficult to find breathing, let alone thinking, time when changing cities. Often an observation will spring to mind in the middle of an activity and I'll try to stay with it as long as possible; hoping to savor the perspective or awareness that either stimulated or appeared after the thought. These are the moments I usually want to write profound journal entries about but end up with lists of shorthand bullet points quickly jotted down in effort to stir the memory back into the forefront my conscious mind. The following started as this list. I'm trying to fill in the holes so you, who were not apart of this transition, can makes some sense out of my madness.

•The list keeps growing instead of minimizing with every box I pack
• left tulsa 1025 Friday night, drove 5 hours through nasty thunderstorm, only stopping once to potty and gas up.
•Dog acclimating to bulls next door: by Wednesday, she only barks a good morning warning
•E excited about Her Room, so excited she became fully awake upon our 330a arrival and ran around the house shouting 'Ya!' and repeating the names of all rooms
•Chickens under deck, i have feeling of critter safety
•Cleaning is exhausting!
•Annoyed that we make a place sparkle when we leave and move into shitholes.
•Dropped stuff under deck still thinks she can have my phone!
•in 2 days she has broken a jar, her new mug twice, dropped a necklace under the deck, fallen and tripped on everything and spent a lot of time sitting on the kitchen table.
• lots of ideas for our garden!! Love moving into a place with a pile of scrap lumber that we have full access too!

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