Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today we are building a fence. In truth we are repurposing a fence. The landlord had a new, taller, privacy fence put up along the alley and left the old fence stacked in sections behind the shed. He said we could use it for whatever we wanted, so fenced in raise beds here we come!
We are taking the 5 sections and cutting them in half making our garden fence about 3 feet tall. Hopefully that's tall enough to keep the chickens and dog out. The trickiest part will be the gate. So far we've had enough spare parts laying around the house that, with some trimming, we've been able to dig post holes, set posts, add extra cross pieces, bracket old ones together and erect the old fence, mostly intact, around 2 predetermined garden plots.
Another gift we found were two unopened bags of mulch. So all we need are nails, hinges, topsoil and starter plants! Not bad for moving during springtime!
(I really hope we are this fortunate with our next move. I hope it happens during early winter, when it decides to happen.)

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