Sunday, April 22, 2012


Just an idea of Normal around here:
Got up and ate granola, bananas, tea and milk. Threw laundry in the washer. Fed the chickens and opened their run. Fed the dog. Got the child dressed with promises of playgrounds and ice cream sandwiches (momma needed to get coffee on our walk today). Debated whether to take the wagon or the stroller because backpack with ice cream is not advised. Ended up Pushing the stroller while small one held the leash for smaller one. Played at school playground near our house. Got coffee and ice cream for walk home. Searched for chicks. All accounted for, hiding in new 'tree fort'. Erected a shade canopy over chicken run involving a sarong, some clothespins and the hedge. Dad came home for lunch with strange news. When he left we took out recycling. Chatted with neighbors; youngest daughter now wants a pet chicken. Caught one and brought it to her to pet. Unfortunately for her dad, solidified her interest in keeping chickens. Made mini pizza. Ate popcorn. watched monsters. Went swimming. Watched chickens catch bugs in our 'swamp.' Changed laundry. Texted dad a grocery list. Painted. Invented games involving puff balls and stickers. Put away groceries. Made dinner while the other cleaned up from more swimming. Ate. Fed chickens and locked them up for the night. Cleaned kitchen with the mister while munchkin got distracted searching under sink for bubbles. After cleaning up dishwasher detergent realized naked toddler was splashing and soaping up with bubble solution in middle of kitchen floor. Blew bubbles. Bathed child. Put away puff balls, laundry. Got sticker bombed. Realized i have a slight sunburn. Snuggled munchkin to sleep as she asked for Seals and Crofts Summer Breezes to be turned up. Ate ice cream. Played scrabble.

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