Saturday, January 21, 2012

Working It

Since moving halfway across the country, money has been tight. Income wages are about half of those where we came from and Sallie Mae doesn't factor that into her monthly demands.

Than we had a kid, I was forcibly cut back at work, and our income dropped again.

Fortunately, we qualified for state insurance or we would have had to learn how to have an unassisted birth. (totally doable and I am in awe of women who have done this!) we probably could have qualified for WIC but they never returned my calls. And based on what I've heard since then, I wouldn't have been happy with it anyway.

While they are an awesome service for those who need assistance, they provide mostly cereal, dairy and dried rice and beans. We like to buy fresh produce first and get those other things with the money left over.

We've joined a co-op and grow some of our own food. We've learned how to be creative with our money (since we stink at 'budgeting' - but isn't that just creative money on paper?) We don't do drive thrus, are really limited on the processed snacks and freezer fillers, so we can get by without the federal aid.

Maybe the service is out there and I'm uneducated about it, but wouldn't it be great it you could use your WIC voucher at the farmers market? Or have a larger produce allotment (i hear its something like $6)? Maybe an honest food awareness class, not funded by Big Ag, encouraging the population to really eat our broccoli?


  1. I recently signed up with WIC. The first two voucher were for $10 of vegetables and 3 1/2 gallons of milk, and a pound of cheese. I have yet to use the voucher that gets the grains, beans, etc. They have different vouchers for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and women with children eating solid food.

    All of that said.. YES, I would love to be able to use a voucher at the farmers market, but I'm thankful to have any help we can get.

  2. i know that the farmer's market in providence took wic . . . and maayyybe food stamps . . . so that's good.

  3. Oregon WIC as well as their senior services DO hand out vouchers for the farmers market :) I think it is fantastic. I remember the WIC ones being around $30 dollars worth of farmers market produce per month.

  4. Megan- check out grace's comment. I think you can use your voucher or trade or something for the farmer's market! You girls live in the best place!! Here, well...I'll get to that later.