Thursday, January 19, 2012

Living in Tulsa

For those who may not know, I current reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not my first choice of cities/big towns, but it is getting better everyday. We moved here 3+ years ago there was absolutely nothing downtown except Scary. Now there is plenty to do! Baseball stadium, arena, 3 districts full of locally owned shops and nightclubs, restaurants, you get the picture. Dead, scary, boring downtown has come back to life. The rest of the city... That's a different story.

Coming from PDX it couldn't be more opposite. Trash is picked up twice a week and we have to pay extra if we want some recycling picked up every other week. Our garbage bill is based off our water usage, never mind if you have a vegetable garden, or a toddler wadding pool, or are washing your cloth diapers every other day and only put the trash out every 10-14 days. Oh, and compost all your yard debris. Nope. They don't care. We have to pay the same as the lady across the street who puts out a 20 gallon bin lined with cardboard and the limit of 6 bags of yard trimmings almost every pick up day.

But hey, at least we can dance our worries away after a day of local retail therapy and hit up a farmers market for breakfast.

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