Sunday, June 2, 2013

What a day!...err weekend.

The day started late and slowly but it took off from there! Grocery shopping, laundry, and then kitchen playtime. My little has pulled the box for my kitchen plus 2000 out a few times lately saying she wants to play this game. Having no idea what game you can play with the ultimate kitchen miracle, we made one up.

It involved the non-sharp parts (this thing has lots of blade attachments), some orzo, popcorn kernels, and some colored water. I don't think there were any rules other than mix pour and stir. 

She did steal a few of my jam strawberries to add in and see what happened. After quite a stimulating hour, she declared that the pink water tasted the best, like strawberries. We then needed a brain relaxation and decided to watch sleeping beauty while I cross-stitched and made dinner plans.

The salmon is from this recipe and a tiny on the spicy side, which worked well with the caprese and watermelon! Such a yummy dinner! 

And by the time this posts we well have held a rabbit, pet a puppy, rescued our cat from the roof, gone to tap class and bought fabric for a new dress. I think it may be time to stop and watch the rain.

Oh! And got painted at the Jo-Ann's grand opening sale. Always awesome to be able to match your body art with the sticker your favorite teacher gave you at the end of tap.

And since this is NOT a food blog I won't finish by bragging about the salmon Caesar salad with homemade croutons we just made. But I will give a short injured chicken update: I think she will make a full recovery! Her limp is nearly gone, new feathers have sprouted, her feisty-ness is returning and she's moving back up the pecking order. 

And that's, well, the last two days now. Hope yours have been as fulfilling and wonderful as ours have been!

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  1. Sara! That salmon looks so good! I want to eat more fish. I don't have it often but it's always so good! I think I will eat more of it! :D