Saturday, February 15, 2014

The last few weeks

Let me start out by saying hello! I know I've been a tad quieter than usual around here. I would apologize, but I am thoroughly enjoying my less plugged in life! I have been deeply invested in real life, and I managed to photograph some of it for you. So, let's get started with the journey that has been February.

I am so completely surrounded by cuteness that it is nearly impossible to get work done. See that needlepoint project? Yeah, that was intended to be a christmas present. How can a momma do any stitches with a cat batting at her hand, or all those rolls begging to be kissed?
It hailed pretty good one day and Emagene was so desperate for snow i swear she put on her pants and worked some magic because a week later,

It snowed! Just enough to hault the finishing touches on the chicken yard, but not too soon that we couldn't move them into their new home.

Naturally we've kept on dancing.

Started school, 
prepped for v-day,
Made ice cream at the libtrary with liquid nitrogen,
and visited the Modrn Art Museum in Fort Worth for their education/outreach program.

We've made brownies,
Slept late, 
Played with trains,
Enjoyed warm weather with a sprinkling of allergies,
And sewed a purple dress just because.

It really is amazing all the little things that can squeeze into a month, fill it up with goodness and leave you anticipating the next month of adventures! Around here, that starts with the celebration of a birthday! This time after the closing ceremony of the Olympics instead of during. 

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