Sunday, March 2, 2014

New dresses

It was warm last week, just for a couple of days, and this momma got a touch of Spring Fever. Naturally, I decided crafting was way more interesting than the spring cleaning that actually needed to get done.
Photo courtesy of Emagene
With a bit of help from Mr Kitty I managed to get a few things off the machine rather quickly.

Emagene's dress, which twirls nicely, is Simplicity pattern 6204 and was comfortably simple to sew. I even managed a zipper without my zipper foot!  (I have a box of extra feet and bits but they've been used to keep little hands because between the helpful moments of pushing the backstittch button and I do believe some crucial parts to fancy feet have gone missing.)
Aoife's dress was a little something I made up based on one those free patterns you can get at JoAnn's while you're waiting  your turn at the cutting counter. The original pattern consisted of sewing two bandannas together and adding shoulder ties. I just measured my child and cut fabric to fit her and then followed the pattern's sewing instructions for armhole placement and called it good.

 She seems to like it.

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