Sunday, February 10, 2013


As I lay awake at 4am this morning, my weary brain began drafting several blog posts that my fingers, eyes and bed companions were grateful I was not writing at that hour. I managed to fall asleep -a miracle these days- and woke with a little more clarity as to what I want to share today. I spent some of those wee hours debating between self-pitying rants to go back to sleep whether I should share a cooking blog, a crafty a blog, or a mindful blog. Since all three would take all day and i am trying to be present with my family when they are awake, I'm limiting myself to one. For now. You know how I tend to ramble.

Anyway- as you may have noticed I go through anti-technology phases. These times away from are usually spent crafting, cooking, actually connecting with humans through phone calls, coffee dates, planning and executing of rituals, etc. In the few weeks after being sick, my life has been full. Full of meaningful moments that were not missed by staring at a 2X5 inch screen or altered by focusing on the need to photograph the moments.

Having a steady job away from the house requires more of my focus when I get home to maintain healthy relationships with my family and animals. I know it sounds silly but I can tell the chickens notice when they haven't seen me except to tuck them in at night. How much more does my daughter notice my schedule change! With this in mind, the cooking together has been just that, cooking together. Not worrying about photographing it to share with the faceless void called the Interwebs.

This morning I found myself wondering about this Interweb. How much of my Self do I want to put on this machine and leave vulnerable to the faceless masses? It's a delicate thing this blog concept, one I keep redefining for myself. So with that, here are a few pictures that I don't believe I've shared before and a tiny news flash about the garden: the potatoes we thought we lost with the Christmas snow are now 3" tall! And we have a chicken with gape worm. Awesome. I caught it too late and the home remedies aren't working so it's off to get antibiotics and see if I can convince the hen to take them...

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