Thursday, February 28, 2013

.this moment.

Right now I am...

* praying the chickens recover from their respiratory issues and we can go back to eating eggs

* Listening to Emagene tell me about Tinkerbell

* thinking of all the last minute party shopping to be done

* hoping the weather forcast for Saturday's event keeps improving

* feeling the chill in my toes

* looking at a massive pile of laundry

* noticing the return of the blue jays

* dreaming about garden activities to be enjoyed once the birthday party is a thing of the past

* drinking my fifth glass of water since waking 4 hours ago. Yay for hydration!

* remembering the To Do list and not getting overwhelmed

* being literally pushed out of my chair by a child excited to get on with day.

* wishing you a wonderful day!

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