Wednesday, July 24, 2013

crunch time

So I've entered the countdown phase of pregnancy. Based on the last go around, I like to slow roast babies, so i don't expect a baby or any newborn photos until Labor Day. That said, don't expect too much around this site at all until about that time. There's so much to still get done! For example: Read the manual, install the carseat. Buy the last few needed labor/birth/baby items and pack the bags for the birth center. Remember peter's swim suit. Get the house cleaned to my preferences before company starts arriving. Freeze a few meals. Stock the pantry. Get a chicken with a broken leg mended. Decide which class Emagene is going to take for the month of August and sign her up. Soon. Load up on library movies and books for that first month of no sleeping. Draw a treasure map to entertain Emagene while I'm laboring with her sister. Get a handle on the typical end of summer yard work. Print off the helpful tips pages I was encouraged to create for out of town helpers. Cast my belly and paint it. And somewhere in there i would love to find the time and money to get a pedicure, a prenatal massage, a cut and color, and a maternity photo session.

While all this seems overwhelming, I have a month, easy, to get it completed. And as I'm sure you've learned about me by now, i'm pretty good at prioritizing. By the end of today. I'll have read the carseat manual, made an extensive shopping and packing list, and possibly reserved a handful of library materials, prematurely. Some people call this phase nesting. I can see why they do. However, in my case, I'm just like this normally - detailed, particular and focused. Forgetful pregnancy brain drives me crazy!! 

And I like to ramble.

That said, I think I'll go edit some photos for a story in pictures about Emagene's summer art classes at the rec center.

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