Tuesday, July 9, 2013

why i am thankful for not sleeping

What do the first trimester of pregnancy and the third trimester have in common? Those of you have been here, already know: lack of sleep, inability to eat, and complete exhaustion most of the time. While sitting around doing nothing might seem nice, occasionally, it is incredibly boring and unhelpful in the world of Preparation for Labor. Basically, in the beginning everything internally is moving around and relocating while momma scrambles to get her new diet regimen up to speed. Near the end, the stomach is super tiny, but baby is fattening. So eating enough causes heartburn and indigestion making it nearly impossible to eat very much at one time. Then comes the amazingness of waking up completely to roll over, reminding you of your frequent need to urinate, or the wonderful leg cramps that can wake you from the dead of sleep, again reminding you to waddle to the loo, and you have a recipe for exhaustion come morning. Some women are even blessed with overactive brains resulting in pregnancy insomnia.

That said, I am choosing to see some of this as a blessing. I am now back to waking up a little before Emagene, instead of her waking me up. The beauty of this is simple. I am now able to have a cuppa tea while stalking the blogosphere, bake something yummy for breakfast, or kick it on the porch swing with my read of choice (and the greedy chickens), that way when she wakes up I don't feel quite as compelled to spend my day staring at my iPhone trying to "keep up" with whats going on in the world. She gets her morning video with breakfast while I do a little yoga and then we're off and running. A day full of playtime and chores. With the heat kicking in it's nice to get some of the me time I need before trying to fill an afternoon of forced indoor play. I can only come up with so many recycled craft ideas without a little outside influence. 

I do feel the need to say I am SOOO glad the heat has waited until now! The 100+ temps are about a month late based on the last 3 summers of hellacious heat we've lived through. For that I am eternally grateful! 

But this momma still gets cabin fever like you would not believe! Summer is the time for playing outside all day. Running through streams, climbing trees, reading on the grass, chasing butterflies, exploring every city pool or natural swimming hole you can find. Summer is not for sitting around inside, watching videos and playing computer games, unless its over 100 by noon and you'll risk death by attempting that soccer game at 2. Then its safer to stay indoors and finger paint. And go crazy with cabin fever! So yay for porch reading before 9 due simple to the inability to sleep when 8 months pregnant!

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