Monday, September 30, 2013

Natural Sense of Wonder

So it been 7 weeks since baby. Things are becoming mellow and predictable. I am finally coming up for air! And noticing how much tv Emagene has been watching and how much sitting on my ass I've been doing. I have been relying on Facebook to make personal connections and an iPad to entertain and educate my preschooler to the point I'm starting to wonder if we still have our sense of appreciation and respect for nature. Good thing our naturalist class is tomorrow!  

We're doing a monthly preschool jr master naturalist program through the rec center. These are from last month's insect class: 

She brought home a live caterpillar to show dad, which we encouraged the freeing of by bedtime. She decided the front yard would be safer so the chickens wouldn't eat him. 

Tomorrow is spiders. I hope I can encourage her to leave them all at the cross timbers pond!

We're not completely void of outside activities. Since coming up for air, we built this fairy house
And decorated it with care.
Went to a safety awareness day put on by the city
And got "face" paint.
Visited Legoland
Earthquake tested a structure,

And splashed in a puddle.

Now for this momma to find the creative juices to replace our screen time with the return of our natural sense of wonder. 

If only the Texas mosquito would find a new food source...

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  1. Love the fairy house. Dig the insects and that she decided the caterpillar was safer in the front yard.