Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat

The day started with a surprise treat in the mail that was quickly added to the walls of a certain girl's room.

Then we did a little coloring,
Set up the window display,
 turned on the lights and hung the spiders we had made the day before.
She wore new socks from Grandma (thanks again, Grandma. She wears a new pair everyday!),
While we enjoyed our magical backyard,
And then, finally, daddy came home from work and we could get ready to go!
I had to make a small addition once we arrived at our meet up house, before heading out with 6 other creatively dressed children. It was just cold enough to require a layer. As I pinned the wings to her sweater, I giggled to myself remembering a comedian's quip about being from Oregon if you plan your Halloween costume to include a winter coat. While not a parka, a wool hand knit is basically the same thing here in Texas.
For those of you concerned that her bag may look small, don't fret. She repeatedly dumped her treasures into a pull string backpack I was carrying. This is the real haul:
Some of this will be recycled into Christmas stockings or sent to work with dad. This is more candy than we eat in a year, and I want to keep it that way!

Happy Halloween! All Souls! Day of the Dead! Samhain! Hallow's Eve! Or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year. I hope it was blessed with joy and your pets stayed safe. Mine was and they did.

Blessed be.

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