Monday, April 21, 2014

Garden journal #2

It's been two weeks since my last garden update. In those weeks we gave had a frost and lost our cucumbers and all but 2 of our beans. Those are barely hanging on, too!

A chicken jumped the fence and dug up the mulch around the corn and sunflowers. 

Fortunately I had reseeded the sunflowers after the frost. One plant was broken by the flighty bird, but I happened to find two missed seed treats sprouted in the yard and transplanted those. Now we wait to see if the mammoth variety sprouts and if the black oil survive the move.

I have a few more plants to repot or stick in the ground, hopefully this week, and then we just wait. Apart from my flighty bird (who jumped into the neighbors yard so she could regroup and jump into the garden. I just watched her do it a second time this afternoon. She is now in chicken jail. Anyway, apart from her, a frost, and a downpour, things are looking good! 

Now to keep the chewing bugs away...

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