Monday, April 28, 2014

Garden journal #3

Photo by emagene*

I may have been weeding with a glass of wine last night. Ok. I WAS weeding with a glass of wine last night. The day leading up to a moment in the garden was ridiculous! Our dryer went out Saturday leaving me with my entire stash of cloth diapers needing to be line dried. I never use fabric softener, so poor baby has to wear stiff cloth :( I honestly think she wasn't complaining about having a wet diaper because they actually got more comfortable when damp. i think I'll have to run down to the laundry mat later in the week since I'm gonna have to wash them at least once more before the part comes in. Even half-drying them before putting them on the line makes the diapers softer and fluffier. And did I mention how many pieces Pete removed from the dryer before determining the heating coil is out? The dining room table is covered in screws, sheet of metal, and dryer lint.

Sorry, garden journaling... It was festival weekend so many things were ignored until sunday evening. We managed to mow one yard and create mulch for some much needed areas.
And after a day of swapping laundry on the line and retrieving our escape artist hen (same one as last year, only this time the neighbor dog is much friendlier), emagene and I finally got the last if the starts in the ground. 

Our volunteer pumpkins are doing great!
I had to reseed the beans and cucumbers after a late frost and they are going strong!
And the winter onions and kale are HUGE!
The spring onions are about to flower, some have, which is fun to watch.

I have a few green onions from the grocery that we stuck in the raised beds as pest deterrents, these here are wild and come back every spring. I think some may be chives.
Taking this beauty out if the ground was probably the best idea ever! I'm still pulling mint starts out of the beds!! All we have left is to buy a parsley plant (our seeds never germinated).

And after all that sweetness in the garden, we came inside to discover the air conditioner cooling unit is not running. *sigh* At least the central fan is still working.

* I almost didn't use this photo because i i feel like it makes me look fat. Which is ridiculous because in a month, I'll think I look pretty good. Who cares if my pre-baby abs haven't miraculously matriculated? it's not like I'm even pretending to do Pilates.

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