Friday, June 13, 2014

Garden Journal #7

The following photos are by Emagene 

Everything is doing well, except the kale. It's a bit late for kale anyway so letting it go to the caterpillars and chickens isn't breaking my heart. In fact, our one siberian kale plant is almost more than we can keep up with ourselves. Kale at every meal! So instead we check the plants for cocooned caterpillars and then feed the empty ones to the chickens before adding stems to soup or using them as teethers. I did lose a pie pumpkin vine to some sort of vine rot. We got one tiny squash from it before we turned into green compost. Apart from the occasional splash rot and blossom drop due to heat, we're sitting we'll above every other garden we've planted here! Moving the garden's location was a helpful choice. And the new neighbor bringing female dog home, replacing three male fence marking dogs, is making the move an even better idea. I am hopefully that some of the bean blossoms will turn to beans and that I can save our 2 ears of corn from the bugs. Otherwise it's kind of fun watching which bugs come and go, who likes to lay eggs where, and finally watching the plants flourish! Third time truly is the charm!

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