Sunday, June 29, 2014

In my garden (never posted because Aoife showed up)

This was written in October 2013.
In been a bit since we did any work in this tiny space. You may remember from my birth story that e planted a few things the morning before we met Aoife. This bed was sewn in April. The herbs are doing fabulous, the tomatoes seem confused (as they have all year), and the lavender we put in last year bloomed all summer!

We have spent much of our garden time fighting off the pill bugs who like to devour any leaf thing I plant. Especially in this box!  But by the look of the kale, I think we have finally encouraged lower numbers of pests! We did add a bit more greens here last week and, if you look closely, you may see that nearly all of the seeds have sprouted! Yay kale!

Our lone bean plant, usually a favorite for the bugs so I tested this one in a pot, just to see if I makes it past its first set of adult leaves. 

And of course, the pumpkin plants. Emagene was in charge of picking the plants for this fall garden. She choose pumpkin, corn (we have 2 small stocks of  pink Indian), and kale. I added a few potatoes and green onions (which I believe are working at pest deterrents) and here's what we have. The pumpkin is suffering a bit from blossom drop and needs a healthy dose of compost and some pollination. I went out yesterday to stir the flowers with a paint brush and was happy to see a honey bee had beat me to it! Here's hoping for at least one squash off these gorgeous vines!

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