Friday, August 15, 2014


My littlest one woke up early yesterday morning, ready to tackle her day. In all fairness, she was awoken by the chickens alerting us to the presence of a hawk in the yard with one of the hens trapped in the garden unable to get away. Her being up led to an hour of just us, giggling and being outside together. it was good to be up a tiny bit early. She did take an early nap to balance out her day of chicken chasing, climbing everything, using tools but hating chopsticks, and playing in water. 
She then watched with intrigue as her sister whipped up a batch of cupcakes.
And then devoured one!

If this first year sets the stage for all the years to come, then this little girl is going to be loud, adventurous, determined, musical, loving, and a fabulous dancer. 

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