Friday, August 15, 2014

More Birthday Goodness

We went into the city today to spend some time doing things Aoife loves. We ran through bead and fabric curtains, emptied bins of toys and refilled them, climbed things, chased birds and played in water. If you have not checked out the Dallas Museum of Art, especially the kids creative connection area, and you live in the area, it is a must! General admission is free and the place is amazing!  Pair up some art time with a splash pad, some sno-cones and good buddies* and you can't have a better day! Unless an awesome jazz band is playing in the museum cafe...

The only complaint was the amount of gentle bees trying to steal anything wet or sweet we were trying to eat. Not bad for a 6 hour getaway!

*Thank you so much to those who made the drive in awful Friday afternoon traffic to giggle with her and watch her explore her world. We are all extremely exhausted!

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