Thursday, September 11, 2014

It's been busy!

Oh August! It would appear that the month of Leo will consistently bless us with the fullness of life. We've filled the last remaining "free" days of warm (read hot) weather with birthday parties, pool parties and birthday-pool parties. We've stayed up late around the firepit just because we know our mornings of sleeping late are numbered. We met Emagene's new teacher, shopped for school supplies and planned a fall vacation. We went to a few museums, started a new dance class, added soccer into our weekly lives again and made plans to head back to the pool once we get this school schedule thing under our belts. We got the kids passports and have planted the seed of a long boat trip and swimming with dolphins into their imaginations. But as our sleep patterns struggle to adjust and little bodies keep growing, I have had to put you, dear reader, on the back burner. I am sorry! I do so enjoy sharing tiny treasures of my life with you. I am full with my own learning agenda and the promise of weekly solo time! Mommy alone time is a family need that gets lost in the fullness of summer. It's the little things that refill me and keep my head from exploding as I go through life here in this strange land of Texas (who just voted to change the school history books to align with Republican Party agenda. *sigh*). On a brighter note: the Harvest Moon has visited. My favorite time of year! I will now go eat a moon cake and thank the autumn rains for their blessings, among other moments of thankfulness.

The harvest season is upon us. What are you thankful for?

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