Friday, March 9, 2012

This Moment

You know those nights when you can't sleep but you have to lay as still as possible so as not to wake the other person/people/beings you share the bed with?

Yea, I'm having one of those nights with the added bonus of a slowly dripping nose.

I know what you're gonna say; go try laying on the couch or watching Netflix or reading or something. Anything! Trouble is, if I'm outta bed for longer than it takes to pee and return, little miss wakes up in tears, which would wake up the chickens, the dog, the husband (if he were home) and probably the neighbors since I'd be wearing earphones while on Netflix. And then I'd get stuck trying not to be impatient or frustrated while rocking her back to sleep. Not restful at all!

So. This is what happens. Instead of filling up the Facebook news feed or photo-stalking 'friends' I never talk to, I type on my iPhone notepad, play stupid word games, and shove tissue up my nose while trying not to cough too loud.

It's not nearly as exciting as it sounds.

Trust me.

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