Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Madness

This weekend was full! I finished working on Dead Man Walking the Opera, Emagene helped me plant seeds for our spring bed, she got stung twice by a wasp crawling up the inside of her pant leg, and we got chicks!

First, the opera. I work with the local chapter of the Stagehands union, typically as an electrician but this time in props. I had to listen to/ watch rape, murder and execution every time I went to work the last two weeks. Needless to say, that kind of environment stirs up some shit you didn't know you had to deal with. There have been has many tears backstage every night as there was in the house. On the performance side: the singers and instrumentalists were amazing! Tulsa Opera put the show on and it was warmly welcomed. Personally, I was a tiny bit shocked it went over so well in our all Red state. And while I enjoyed working with the cast and crew, I'm ready for something a little more light-hearted. Like Stomp.

Seeds: we got non-GMO, non-hybrid seeds from and planted them in a Jiffy Greenhouse. The greenhouse has those sod pellets that grow when watered and are easy to transplant. We planted peas, beets, carrots, spinach, onions, radishes and broccoli.

E went outside with dad while I took nap Saturday. I wasn't feeling well. She came inside and sat in her rocker. She turned to look out the window and starting crying, obviously in pain. We tried to determine why: did you bonk your knee in the chair? Did you pinch your finger? I can tell its the back of her knee, so i reach up to see if something is poking throw her jeans that I can't see. I don't feel anything. She starts crying again. Is it a poke or a bonk? Poke. This time Pete reaches up her pant leg and pulls out. A . Wasp! He proceeds to kill it (since its mad and we are on our sofa) as I rip her pants off to assess the damage. 2 stings and a bite! They swell a little. Nothing a cold towel and comfort NeeNee can't solve. Within the hour the redness was gone and the welts followed soon after.

Chickens! 4 baby Naked Necks. They look like baby turkeys, are excellent eaters and poopers and behave like most babies: eat, sleep, poop, cry. Nothing we can't handle. Tomorrow we're gonna set up a corral outside so they can explore while we change the towels in the brooder. Currently, I'm having trouble falling asleep with the brooder lamp on. And I gotta finish load out tomorrow!


  1. they really do have naked necks!

  2. But they have a tuft on what would be their Adams Apple to make up for it ;)