Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This moment

I'm laying on a blanket on the floor reading while she plays with the contents of a birthday box. Mostly she's using her MegaBlocks dump truck driver to stomp down the tricky balloons she can't blow up. We are both extremely content and comfortable laying on our stomachs. Then she needs her nose wiped. I have to get up, walk to the table and come back with a tissue. In that short amount of time, my book has become the Balloon Stomper's platform and my bookmark has been pulled out and become storage for the Balloons In Waiting.

She calmly let me wipe her nose then resumes trying to blow up those damn balloons! I decide to grab my phone and type this post. She's now done with balloons, pushed the book back towards me and moved on to other things. Like tissue paper. And felt fairies.

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