Thursday, February 23, 2012

Embracing My Inner Hippie

Today I embraced my Inner Hippie by starting a parsley vinegar. We go through a lot of fresh herbs. In the rare occasion that we don't use everything, we bundle and hang dry what's leftover. I recently learned that I can use the dried stems from this practice to make flavored vinegars for salads and cold relief. I'm still learning which herbs can aid in home remedies and recommend you double check anything I say/do with a credible source before trying it at you house. ( is a good start)
Anyway- today:
I took a bunch of dried parsley, removed the leaves and stored. Then passed the stems to Emagene to be broken into 1/2 inch pieces and placed in a recycled glass herb jar. Once that was finished, we covered the stems with pasteurized apple cider vinegar and sealed with a plastic lid since we didn't have a large enough cork stopper for this jar (and metal corrodes).
Now we wait a few weeks and viola! Parsley Vinegar! can't wait!

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