Sunday, February 5, 2012

Epiphanies, Part 1

These happen a lot. Mostly as sound bites, so bare with me. I'll try to explain what I mean.

• Life is in a constant state of transition. You only notice it of you are resisting change.

We are transitioning from school to workforce, from a one bedroom to a 2, from no tv to way too much and back down again, from living in a big city to not, to having a thriving urban homestead, to being married, with kid, ...

• Having miso soup powder in the cupboard is the best thing ever!

In a pinch, Emagene will always consume miso. It's faster than macncheese (other favorite) and easier than packing up and heading to a drive thru. I nannied for a little guy while I was pregnant and his dad argued that making pasta took 10 minutes and sometimes they can't wait that long, so he takes the kid to mcd's. I still roll my eyes at this. I can easily have the Mac or miso ready in the time it takes to get e in the car!

• Not being on a schedule is freeing, but having a concept of how much time has passed can save a toddler melt down.

We've never been scheduled eaters. We eat when we're hungry. This is typically every 4 hours, but not set in stone. I believe no one can tell me when to be hungry so I am unable to tell my 2-year old when she should be ready to eat. That said, if she hasn't eaten in 4 hours, I probably should get something together before she showcases just how unbalanced her systems are.

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