Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sticker Commitment

We hoard stickers.

They call to us in shops but we never seem to know where to put them. Gone are the days of binders and locker displays. Now is about the bumpers. As you may have heard, I drive OLD cars. Thus putting stickers I love on them means the sticker is destined for the junkyard. Soon. Like using disposable diapers, I might as well just throw the money in the trash and save a few steps in the middle.

Then my male companion (aka husband) bought a '08 Mazda 3. We had procreated and couldn't fit tiny baby in big carrier into tiny backseat of our '96 Geo Metro. Hence the change of paradigm. This also meant: No More Sticker Commitment Issues!

Best part of the transition (possibly why I wanted to write about this): the Man didn't get over his sticker issues until he realized we were driving our Oklahoma-license-plate-adorned car into our homeland! How can we let everyone know we belong here?!? By adding the HeartInOregon.com, Red Square Cafe, and Portland Timbers stickers which have been hiding in the Wife's purse of course!

So, naturally, as we drove into Oregon last July, along Hwy 26, we pulled off at a State Campground, walked through old growth forest, breathed deeply, and added stickers to our car!

Isn't that what you're supposed to do on holiday? ;)

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