Friday, May 25, 2012


I don't have a degree in agriculture, nor do I necessarily want one. I want someone to point me toward the right books and give some physical guidance while I try it out firsthand. You know how second generation farmers learned from their parents? I want to be able to either work on a farm in exchange for experience (wwoof) or in exchange for food. I don't mind the physical work or getting dirty. I do mind putting my kid in day care, so she'd either have to come with or we need to live closer to family who can trade me on this idea. The end goal would be the ability to sustain our family off whatever land we end up with.
I guess I'm looking for a farming guru. Are you it?


  1. you could probably volunteer at a local CSA?

  2. 40 acres.. a few Yurts... I feel the urge everyday.... Let's start a comune!!!

  3. Brother, you have no idea how many revisions that little dream of yours has gone through in my waking dreams!
    Multiple living spaces, a barn and chicken coop, 3 or 4 pastures for animal rotation, bees, a large garden plot, a performing art barn/gallery, rent-able tent sites, a community kitchen-house for summertime cooking separate from the living spaces and also used for canning and making jam or cheese and brewing...
    At one point that sister of mine mentioned a plot of land in your area that was for sale with 70 old growth trees on it and 2 buildings. the beginnings of something wonderful!!!
    P.S. put all your energy into financial security and jobs for this Fall! We've gotta get back on the west coast before we get 'stuck' out here!