Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Food for Thought

After watching King Corn, Food Inc., and Forks over Knives, I'm usually left feeling that i can't eat.

Well, that's a bit extreme.

I am immediately left feeling concerned that unless I grow all my foods, I will I eventually eat food grown from genetically modified seeds, covered in pesticides, loaded with processed sugars, or malnourished animals fed antibiotics and/or growth hormones so the grower could make a quicker buck leaving me hopeless to the coming world of cancer, while funding big agriculture, big pharm, and big government.

In truth, growing my own food reconnects me with the earth and my Self. It keeps me focused on the seasons, freely educates my daughter on the cycle of life, and it tastes amazing! It frees me from a level of dependency and helps me stay aware of what I'm actually fuelling my body with. "food is fuel."

I am encouraged to re-evaluate my general diet whenever I watch these kinds of documentaries. I swore off high fructose corn syrup ages ago and instantly lost 20 pounds. We eat a fair amount of whole fat dairy products so they can be fully digested, not treated like sugar, and we feel full. We consume animal meats on average once a week or less and it's as humanely grown, fed, packaged, and as locally done as possible. I think I've bought a total of 10 pounds of sugar in the last 18 months. Unfortunately, we love our chocolate chip cookies, eggs and cheeses so vegan may never be an option for us!

My current state of fear (since I just watched Forks Over Knives watch here official site here) is how much cow milk Emagene drinks. I am nervous. Am I starting her in on early liver cancer? Probably not, but I'm not helping her chances. Then comes the feeling of helplessness: what are my other, affordable options? Soy? Hell no! 95% of America's soy is genetically modified and the beans from abroad are the cause of the rainforest demise and shipping concerns. This, mixed with the recent TIME article (the one about breastfeeding and attachment parenting. you know which one I mean.) has me second guessing my choice to wean.

We've always been a "let's see what happens and go from there" kind of family. There has never been a set Weaning Age, food schedule, sleep schedule... Really any schedule except work times and those are NEVER constant. It works for us. The house stays comfortably picked up, we get enough sleep and food, the chickens and dog are properly cared for, we generally speak positively to each other, and we tend to laugh and cry as much as any other family. But trying to wean has brought out the hitter and bitter in baby, the negative stress in momma, and a disconnected daddy. I think I'm gonna take all these physical, mental, and a randomly chosen Netflix choice as signs and interpret them as saying that now is not a good time to wean.

Perhaps next month?

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