Thursday, May 3, 2012

More thoughts about this transition

•when we wake at 830 instead of 10, lunch must happen by 1130 or there will be meltdowns!
•along this same trend naps have been moved to somewhere between 1&230 instead of the usual 3-430. This results in earlier bedtimes.
• this would be greeted with joy, but it completely robs momma of her usual after bed alone time since dads home from work by nap/dinner time instead of leaving at nap time (typically cleaning time)
• the two beat up potters on the deck will try their hand at being tomato and herb growers
• the large pot under the deck might be repurposed as a blueberry grower??
• 2 garden plots.... What to grow?? Cucumbers for pickling
Peas for freezing
Zucchini for emagene
Carrots, celery??
Lettuce, kale, spinach
Herbs: parsley, rosemary (is it this or lavender by the garden gate?) dill,
sunflowers and marigolds for the chickens
Artemisia for bug and mice control
Bee balm? Since there are more butterflies than bees here.
Chives, fennel,
And definitely trying at least one 3 sisters mound ideas.

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