Monday, July 30, 2012

Right now I'm

- thankful for cheap battery operated fans, though not as thankful as the chickens
- happy the 'fake egg in the nest' trick actually works
- discovering a new-to-me Olympic sport and loving it!
- reviving my joy of white water sports
- listening to the stirrings of an overtired 2-year old
- hoping she sleeps a little longer
- reminding myself that the tv is going off after the kayak races are over
- learning about swimmers ear and natural treatments for it
- curious what my water bill will be due to chicken water parks that must be activated multiple times a day in this heat!
- pondering the necessity of getting electrolytes for the chickens
- loving the cooler weather in the morning
- giggling that cooler is 91F!
- enjoying a peaceful moment to myself and a lovely cup of coffee

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