Saturday, July 21, 2012


We've all been there in some form or other. We've had the unfortunate, or wonderful, encourager to get things done. Whether these are things we've been procrastinating or things we just didn't want to admit as reality, we've either risen to the occasion or fallen under the burden. Whichever path you choose in these moments sets the course for the future. Not always in a tangible way, but set a course nonetheless. Who's to say any path is 'better' than another? We all learn something along the way and depending on what is learned, stress can be a blessing.

I'm not gonna go into detail about the source of our current stress, but rather say that stress has an uncanny way to motivate me into action. Today that action is to apply for jobs I don't really want that may require putting emagene is state funded daycare. This could be described as my worst nightmare: leaving her with strangers while I work a depressing, deadend gig just to feed her. Our it could be seen as a learning moment in preparation for our next life change that may require our family to sell all our belongings and live in multiple states dreaming of a better future.

This sounds scary. And exciting. It's not much different than some of your grandparents and their coming into the states in hopes of work with the dream of moving the whole family and being together again sooner than later. It's the story of most people the world over. It's why going to the movies is so popular. Dreaming of a better future starts with believing in a better now. If that can't be tangible quick enough, let's watch other people live it in high definition.

If we stay here will we starve, if we move we have hope. But if we can't buy groceries, how do we afford to move? By setting things in motion and hoping for the best.

(I wrote this a week ago or so when I was at my wits' end. Things are better now and in motion. Only time will tell what will happen and where we will be.)

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