Sunday, July 1, 2012

We have eggs!!!

Well, one egg.

I went out last night, once it had cooled down, to sweep the coop before chicken bedtime. I opened the access door and saw this! Surprise! It was a lot bigger than i had expected. I kept hearing about marbles, but this is a full on egg!

They just turned 4 months old. So the age is right (between 3 and 5 months = start looking for eggs). Now I'm confused what the marble business was all about... I did have one chicken showing signs of change in her poop structure. (never thought I'd use the phrase: 'poop structure.') guess that's what the marble was??? Im still learning.

Emagene was super excited and ran inside with daddy to crack open her present from the chickens and eat it all! She's gonna help me look for eggs everyday now; adding that to list of things to watch outside.

What's on the list you ask? Well I'll tell you.

1. Is there food in the bird feeder?
2. Have the tomatoes turned green?
3. Is the basil still there?
4. What, if any, birds can we see in the tree? (she can point out doves, cardinals, blue jay, and mocking bird)
5. Are there eggs?

My favorite is number four. We do this usually while sitting in the not-hot tub in the evenings. Often she'll see birds before I can. She knows the difference between the Mommy Cardinal and the Daddy Cardinal. We've seen them share water gathered from the garden sprinkler at the end of a 106 degree day, gobble grasshoppers, sing....

Anyways- I could go on forever. We're learning, having fun, not roasting too bad in the heat and now we have farm fresh eggs in our backyard. Yay!

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