Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day of experimenting

Some days emagene and i can get really bored sitting around waiting for it to cool down enough to go outside. Recently, we passed the time playing I the kitchen. Here's some of what we did:

Popcorn flavors


We tried roasting fennel and celery seeds, then added some Garlic salt. Yummy! Another great one: equal amounts of chili powder and brown sugar. You must add butter to get the flavorings to stick.
Note to self: Must find a place to get nutritional yeast.

She loves Earths Best cheddar crunching crackers, which I hadn't been able to find in denton yet. Saw this linked to another blog and thought we'd try making our own crackers.


Totally awesome! They lasted about ten minutes! We made some extra to take camping. The flavor was good but they got chewy pretty quick. I blame the humidity and the non-airtight container in which they traveled.

We usually end days in the kitchen by making a half batch of chocolate chip cookies. We only make half because we eat them all in two days no matter how many we make.

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