Friday, June 22, 2012

Right now I'm

• Resting from a trek involving library storytime, a mile and a half walk, a bus ride and a 2year old.
• remembering the hot part of summer is yet to come
• deciding a bus pass is what this family needs
• wondering if my "since moving to Texas" skin issues are food related
• making mental lists of all the changes in the last 3 months (food source, milk source, laundry detergent brand, insect habit disruption, sleep patterns, coffee roasters, financial situation, etc)
• wondering if any one has read my Starbucks application yet
• hoping that something will fix our financial crisis
• wondering how to get all the chores done in the cooler hours without getting eaten alive by Mosquitos
• drinking lemonade with fresh strawberries
• watching my dog listen to strange noises outside
• listening to the rambling 'dialogue' of 3 horses named bullseye, 2 fairies, and a cloth doll named Blue
• thinking its time to put down my phone and join them

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