Saturday, June 9, 2012

Gardening with a 2-year old

Waiting for seeds to germinate is difficult. Like watching her learn. No meddling, no 'helping', no shortcuts. Just watching and encouraging. But not too much encouraging, that can be counter productive with weak roots and lacking the ability to "weather the storm." Sometimes even "watching" can be distracting and counter productive, robbing growing/learning energy and transforming it into performance energy.

However, I have stumbled upon an amazing book designed to engage her in the garden! Check out Sharon Lovejoy's "Roots Shoots buckets and boots". (linked here) I am so excited to build an explorers kit and start encouraging Emagene to accompany me on my daily "discovery walks" in the garden.

On a slightly different note: remember my post about schooling? I think I've concluded that by stock piling the "right" tools and previewing books now, I may be able to sort out this education thing until we live in an area with a free school or a Montessori I love.

What tools do you find most helpful for young curious minds?

Most hesitation and fear comes from a lack of preparedness. Here goes getting prepared for learning!

(this has nothing to do with being prepared after the latest "zombie" attacks. *sigh*)

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