Saturday, June 9, 2012

Story in Photos

I found this old post drafted and hidden amongst everything else. I think its a great segue into a Story In Photos of the latest 'chicken house upgrade.'

From early March 2012,

I recently attended an information class about keeping chickens in Tulsa city county. It was put together by the library and local chicken fanciers and egg farmers. I'm so glad I went! It was one of those moments where you heard an experienced, living human verbalised everything you've been reading for the last month and clarifying that you processed it all correctly. And throwing in a few shortcut tips in the process. Carissa, the woman speaking, keeps a small flock of 70 birds. She provided those in attendance with a long list of online and local resources for everything chicken. There was also a library-supplied reading list and book display available.

I grabbed and have started reading this book: Keeping Chickens with Ashley English. I'm so glad I trusted my gut and went with this one! She's witty, easy to read, organised like a magazine and has included plans and cut-lists for chicken housing! What more could you ask for? The book is 132 pages, full of pictures, charts, definitions, signs of disease breakdowns, and did I mention plans?? 

We're getting ready to move house, and my girls are getting ready to upgrade. I'm so excited to build the mobile chicken tracker she's got in here! It'll need a little modification since we have 4 birds instead of 3, but not that much! Did I mention I was excited? Cuz I am. Just a little ;)
 Two weeks ago, this happened:

After all that work and they still prefer this:

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