Saturday, December 1, 2012

Addition to the family

It would appear that we add family members once a year, roughly. More accurately, new members join us of their own accord once a year. Artemis found us along a river bank just before we got married, Emagene decided to come along the following spring, the next year that darn rat thought the dog door was for his personal use (thank you Ms Owl for encouraging Rat to move on!), we bought chickens this spring and now, nine months, later this guy decided to move in.

Mr. Kitty.

He has appointed himself Emagene's cat. Approximately 9 months old, or younger. Slightly skittish when outside, totally comfortable in the house. He and the chickens aren't quite sure of each other yet but I've got a great 'sheepdog' to keep that problem under control.

a glimpse of the 'farm animals'
Perhaps we should have called him Oliver. The dog has had a few 'Georgette' moments already. (those need a reference see here.)

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