Sunday, December 30, 2012


Sorry I've been gone. The madness of preparing for the season kept me more than busy! But now, after family visits, good food, child-filled excitement, a Texas white Christmas, 2 forced days off due to illness and a long talk with an old friend, I'm feeling peace returning to my daily life. The snow is melted, the chickens are venturing out of the warm garden shed they've been huddled in all week, and the house is nearly back to normal. With the returned peace of what we've made our daily rhythms, I feel positive change in the air. It could be coming from a warm December sun intent on drying the mud and teasing my Oregon-trained senses into believing that spring is coming, or positive change could truly be on the horizon. Whatever the cause, I am going to fully enjoy this day, doing my best to not get lost in the chores that come with departing guests, but rather smile and dance until the house sparkles in anticipation of the next thing! The new year is coming!



  1. tell, E that i would like to come have a tea party with her!!

    also, we have a box here with some christmas gifts in it for you!

  2. E says come have a party whenever you want. and that she can't enjoy the gifts when they are 2000 miles away ;)