Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I think it's mandatory in Blog-Land to celebrate when you've been blogging for a year.

So, YAY! We made it a year!

And, as at this time last year, I feel the dependency upon Facebook to be too strong and disconnected. I want to continue sharing my life in this manor, a little more fully than Facebook allows. However, I have also decided that trying to post multiple times a week doesn't work for me. I am committed to sharing a weekly glimpse into my life and mind. This may happen in a picture post and a thoughtful post or just one blended together. We'll see where life takes us. And with that, where is life taking me??

It seems everyday I slip a little closer to middle aged. I am in the final stages of my early 30s so it's time to face the facts. While I thoroughly enjoyed my 20s, they are over. It's time to blend the Maiden fully into the Mother keeping Crone at bay a little longer, though welcoming her occasional visits. It's time to remember to channel what I want to see in the world around me and to share that vision.

In the coming months I hope to share with you a bit of my journey up until now and the vision I have of the future. By doing so, I hope we can connect on a deeper level and help each other become all we can.

Namaste and Welcome to the New Year!

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