Monday, April 22, 2013

seeds of thought

I was cleaning out my email inbox and found all these little nuggets of blog seeds that I had sent to myself from the my smart phone over the last year or so.

Emagene hates sweet potatos
Loves music class!
Grocery aisle
Her: 2 generations older than me, picking her trusted brands: 
demonte and huntse 
Me: picking my trusted organic brands: Muir Glen and Eden
Same tomato-y outcome
Birds- rain forest -spring
Dog is antsy I'm antsy
Just sitting and waiting 
'nothing is impossible. The word itself says, 'I'm possible.'"
 -audrey Hepburn
Right now march 26, 2012
I'm watching the washing blow in the wind
Listening to the contented peeping of free ranging chicks
Wearing freshly washed flip flops
Not wearing shoes because they need to be washed again
Amused by the ramblings of my 2-year old
Watching the sun tea turn deep amber
Waiting for news about the man's job
Wondering how how many gallons are being pumped through the 
sprinkler in the name of cooling,learning and over-watering
 June 3, 2012
Look around you and see what excites you; explore that.
What if everything excites me? Gardening, livestock, sustainably 
using the land I live on, animation, theatre, lighting, 
photography, traveling, doing nothing, doing everything, 
dancing, connecting, yoga, sitting under trees, sitting 
in trees, snuggling, painting,  
it seems that my inner mind is distracted refereeing battles. 
My Self now and my Self 10 years ago are constantly waging war 
as to which life style brought me the most fulfillment. 
Nothin highlights inner struggles quite like a seasonal shift 
into winter with its focus on the home hearth and self, the 
passing of loved ones or a meteor shower. And I have all three 
at my disposal tonight! 
Ah! My self of ten years ago would scoff at my self now. Giving 
up a room above a pub in a busy neighborhood of London for a cozy 
house on the outskirts of town surrounded by chickens and my own 
child. The me now wishes I had saved some of that money I spent on 
fun and paid more toward student loan avoidment. The me now giggles 
because it seems fairly standard for women entering their mid-30s 
to write a letter to their 20-year old self.  What would the me now 
tell the me back then? Don't leave London! You'll never make it 
back across the border! You'll get stuck in America!  Maybe. I 
may say smart things like keep up the focus. Give up the awesome 
trip to spain to be the 3rd AD on that low budget film. Maybe. But 
I think I would mostly say: Good job following your heart, living 
your dreams, exploring what you had access to, and keep on going. 
No regrets! Create learning opportunities and your perseption will
keep changing for the positive. 

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