Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Springtime Fun

These are a bit late. But since this happened between our equinox celebration and Easter, I don't feel too guilty. We attended two egg hunt parties this year which meant we had to spend a day hiding and re-hiding eggs for each other in the front lawn. This girl of mine likes finding lost things. Time to start scavenger hunts around the house, perhaps?

I didn't get a great photo of Emagene's turn hiding the eggs. It was pretty priceless though. They were stored in color matching pairs in a circle about 12 inches from the basket. One group did make it under a tree. I did my best to 'search' for all 12 eggs :)

We had a blast and at the end of the day met Oreo, the neighbor's dwarf rabbit. Seemed fitting to me, even though it was a Friday.

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