Thursday, November 14, 2013



Here I am again; on the threshold of change in a doorway that appeared without my asking. Do I go through it? Do I stand still and do nothing?  Do I run screaming in the other direction, back to the comforts of life as it has been? 

Well, I'm in adventurous mood so I toy with the doorknob and peak through the keyhole. From the tiny bit I can see, it looks inviting and exciting on the other side. I hear whispers of the work it will take to open the door and even more work to stay on the otherside. Only I can decide if the work is worth the revelry seen through the keyhole. It looks so promising over there. The mound of work  growing at my feet, covering the key, is intimidating but manageable. 

If I can birth a child in a car, surely I can open this door.

 Photo borrowed from wikipedia


  1. That last thought is very telling. I agree. You are an amazingly strong, present, and capable woman. Take solice in your ability to handle what comes your way, even when unseen. Think how much more you accomplish when you can actually prepare some.

  2. Magical thing are afoot. It's very exciting! A bit like Alice and her small door.