Friday, November 8, 2013

Season of learning

So we've entered the season of darkness. The time of year spent indoors. The perfect time of year for learning; specifically for learning a new handcraft or skill.

Last year I refreshed my embroidery skills with a little motivation from this project by SouleMama and this project I found at JoAnn's. And while I worked on it often, I was out of practice and literally had to pull out and resew nearly very stitch. So it still looks like this:

The previous year my writing and photography skills were developed when I start this blog. 

Before that I was preparing for my first days as a mother. 

Before that was mostly career and school related.

So what shall I look into learning this year? Well, I've always wanted to write a book of some kind. Perhaps this season will be spent researching a topic and engaging in writing practices and challenges. Perhaps when spring comes I'll have something to show from my practice and research.


But then again, I asked Pete to get me a guitar for my birthday...

What's tugging at the edges of your curiosity this season?

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