Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cycles of life continued

A week after I wrote about the estate sale, I saw the man of the house strolling down his drive. He was out for his evening walk to close the street side gate. He was literally twirling his four-point cane (complete with tennis balls) and my heart smiled at his spryness. I started to think that maybe the estate sale was to clear out unnecessary accumulation and to help pay for any damages done by the tornado. But then I noticed the aluminum roof and knew otherwise.  Not long after, as I came to get Pete, I saw the dreaded moving truck. Actually I was stuck behind the truck because the driver missed the turn down the farmhouse drive and needed the airport parking lot to flip a U-y. The number of family cars surrounding the place gave me the hope that this jolly fellow (as much as i could tell from the joy he got during his evening walk down the drive) was going to live with family. But I'll never know for sure. I am curious what stories that house holds and how many seasons of life it has seen.

I wish him happiness on this next phase of his journey. And if anyone is interested in 16 acres near an airport, I can get you the number for the real estate agent.

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