Sunday, May 11, 2014

Garden Journal #4

Last two photos by Emagene.

 These were last week. But instead of writing a journal blog I had to replant a few things, reset the mulch and clip the wings of a chicken who had got into the garden for the fourth time. 
This lady right here. She's a smart one. She can't tell where the top of my tiny fence is so she can't jump it. But she can tell where the top of the fence to the neighbors yard is, so she hops up, looks to see if their Rottweiler is out, jumps down, wanders down a few feet and hops back into our yard, strategically landing in the middle of my garden plot. Fortunately, I only lost 5 plants that were on the weak and chewed end of the spectrum and only had to replant 2 healthy plants that are still doing great! A few things got bent, they've come back, and even fewer things got a broken something and are also doing great.

Here is this week in our garden:
That hole smack in the middle is begging for an eggplant start to be purchased from a local grower and popped in the now vacant space.
Of course the day I take photos is the windiest day of the week!
Anyone know about collecting onion seeds? All google searches lead to articles about growing from seed and give no help about what to do once the globe has reached maturity and the plant flowers a second time. All my onions are in this state and I want to seed some of them. Any tips out there in blogger-land?  Do i let the little bulbs mature on the stem for a bit and then harvest that and store them for the fall??  I'm experimenting this idea with the wild onions growing in the back corner of the yard. I'll let you know what happens.

 In the meantime, some of those wild onions where delicious in a potato onion soup with a side of oatcakes. We felt extremely Irish over here today! 

And now on to the annual Battle of the Fleas! May this years war be swift and painless.

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