Saturday, October 13, 2012


Spring Onion Blossoms, Photo by Sara Dalton-Busch
It really is amazing what can get the dream machine a-whirring! A phone call, a walk, a random conversation with a friend. Having a dream and actualizing one are completely different activities. Sometimes, just picturing a fantasy future makes the now a tad more pleasurable, joyful even, especially if there is just a hint that what one is doing now might possibly lead to the living of said dream.

I took a walk and dreamt of a small farm, a meeting hall dedicated to no religion in particular, a place for classes and lots of community. He heard the words "Flight Attendant" in conversation and dreamt of flying for the same airline. Both of these dreams are just beyond reach and therefore are almost tangible. Some days this may seem frustrating, others are greeted as a sign that we are doing the "right" things to get where we want to be.

As Polexia says in the movie Almost Famous: "it's all happening!" I'm so glad to be reminded of this!!

If not for dreams, what would be the state of things?

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