Sunday, October 21, 2012

What a week!

The last 10 days or so have offered up lots of valuable learning opportunities. The weather has been blustery. Which naturally leads to kite flying. The kite we had was eaten by gale force winds, so we tried to make our own from bits and pieces around the house. Sadly, this kite also proved unworthy, too narrow a design. We ended up searching out horse fruit and playing catch. Anybody know if you can eat these bumpy things?

All our plants are holding, so that's good. The hawk that landed in the yard and frightened the chickens though... Was she coming with a message for me or looking for a snack? The two dogs that dug under the fence were definitely looking for some fun and games and left with a mouthful of feathers. The chickens are fine, thanks for asking. They spent a morning in my bathroom while we mended the fence and waited for the dogs to get bored. Learned a lesson or two there I'm sure.

Rediscovered that I need to learn more about the legalities involved in farming as well as improve my knowledge in general soil amendments, grant writing, home improvements, barn designs, crop rotation and fruit trees that thrive in Texas. More about that on a later date.

We attended a double-birthday playdate and a wedding leaving me literally sick with exhaustion. A 4-hour nap and a 12-hour night of sleep later, me and the girl are off to an herbal workshop hosted by some pagan friends of ours. One step closer to managing and living off a tiny piece of land.

Hope your week was wonderfully full of learning!

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